What’s the big deal?

You are! That’s right baby, it’s been you all along.

Now stop acting so surprised while we tell you about some of the cool features of our little WordPress theme.

The Page Wall

It’s hard to ignore this one, as it’s what really defines this theme – for desktop users at least. The Page Wall makes up the site background on larger screens. It is populated with all the pages on your site to which a featured image has been assigned, so you can decide what goes there and what doesn’t. You can also set the order in which the items appear and of course you get to pick the images.

You can fill the wall with rectangular things, like photos, posters, book covers or album covers, but you can also use isolated images, like those found in the myriad scene generator packages available to create something even more classy and luscious.

Here are some scene generators to give you a little inspiration. (Not our copyright, so please seek out and purchase these if you like what you see, or try a Google search.)

Built-In Backgrounds

The theme includes seven built-in background choices for your site, demonstrated here:

Future updates will bring more built-in options, and you can of course upload your own custom background colour or image.

Deluxe Plugins

A range of deluxe plugins will be available to help you get even more out of the theme.

The first of these, Advanced Borders and Backgrounds, gives you the ability to craft dynamic, professional designs using the Page Wall by adding and adjusting images to form the top, bottom, left and right borders of the layout and an additional overlay in the centre. With this plugin you can recreate effects like the ink splatter used with the built-in old paper and canvas backgrounds, tailored to your own design needs.

Other Features

The theme’s other features are more mundane but no less useful. They include:

Two widget areas
One beside or below the content and the other below the main menu. Both are arranged responsively and appear below the page/post content on mobiles.
Two additional menus
Pages, links and archives not featured on the Page Wall can be included in a menu either at the top of the page or below the main menu. Internal links will open with the same smooth AJAX loading as the main pages.
Social media links
Enter links to your social media accounts and email address and icons will be included neatly just above the main menu.
Light and dark skins
The content area can be set to a black or white background for desktop screens. On mobile you can choose to use your custom background instead, if it’s suitable. Click here to switch between them.